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Kitesurfing at Coche Island, black and white Video and Photographies

Luis luisantano
Kitesurf or kiteboarding in Coche Island, a black and white video and photographies .Playa La Punta , also so called beach ''Punta Blanca'' is a 2km long bay beach with off-shore constant wind and perfectly flat waters. Normally, offshore wind means very smooth water and gusty wind but in this case the wind it is incredibly stable, which makes it one of the best places in the world for kiteboarding.
Nice white and soft sandy beach with few shells or rocks and plenty of space to launch and land your kite. The first 15 meters in the water are shallow. Coche Island is one of three islands forming the Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela, located in the Caribbean between Isla Margarita and the mainland. The other two islands are Isla Margarita, the main island of the state, and Cubagua, the smallest.
It covers an area of 55 km² (11 km long by 6 km), with a population of about 8,200 (1999 census). The climate is tropic, with an average temperatute of approximately 27 to 38°C.

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