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10 years ago|2.6K views

Don't try this at home..

Since I found the link to this movie, I've also found out that it's been around awhile and has made the rounds of many scooter lists already.

But if you've never seen this clip from the 1998 French movie Taxi, then you have to go watch it. Be sure to have your speakers turned up. I've watched it about a dozen times, and each time, the hair stands up on my arms and I get a stupid grin on my face.

What comes to mind when I watch this clip: 1) never wear flip-flops on your scooter, 2) maybe crash bars aren't such a bad idea, and 3) how did they film that sequence? The New York Times review says, "More than 100 cars took part in the crashes and chases through the Marseilles streets with stuntwork by famed racecar drivers," but no mention of the scooter sequence.

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