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Ep. 1 - The Setup - RandomCreepyGuy.com The Series

Random Creepy Guy
Random Creepy Guy
Ben and Michael lose their jobs and need to discover a new source of income.

Download the Music!! Thanks to Tadcast.com
Midnight Wax - Hollywood - http://bit.ly/MidnightWax
Mike Mac & The FJH - I Know What You Like - http://bit.ly/IKnowWhatYouLike
The Shake - Your Idols - http://bit.ly/YourIdols
The Shake - Got No Soul - http://bit.ly/GotNoSoul

Episode 1 Credits:
Chris Arreguin
Niall Madden
Tommy Shakur
Mike McAleer
Carrie Keranen
Charlie Gelbart
Gian Molina
Becky Lea Goodman
Meagan Prahl
Bryan Yong
Lauren Dobbins Webb

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