Indian Air Force Rescues Foreign Tourists from Floods

14 years ago
Indian Air force helicopters have rescued nearly a hundred foreign tourists stranded in remote areas of the Himalayan region of Ladakh. Many of the tourists were on a trekking holiday which came to a sudden end after severe flash flooding in the region.

Indian military helicopters have flown about 100 foreign tourists to safety in the Himalayan region of Ladakh where flash floods have killed 156 people.

Tourists were airlifted from the Zanskar valley near Leh, where they were stranded for three days.

Six helicopters from the Indian Air Force made more than 60 trips to evacuate the foreigners who were on a trekking holiday in the region.

About 160 people, mostly foreigners from 12 different countries, were awaiting evacuation in the remote areas of Lama Yuru and Karu.

About 7,000 soldiers were deployed to rebuild roads and bridges. Some 33 soldiers were also feared to have been swept away in the floods that hit the Ladakh region on Friday.

In Leh, health officials were struggling to treat the injured at a civilian hospital, which was also badly damaged by the floods.