English lesson 1 - Cultural differences with Yosi

  • 14 лет назад
My name is Yosi and I am originally fr om Miami, Florida I also speak Spanish and Hebrew.

First I would like to explain to you guys a few things that are different in culture between the US, Canada and England.

As an example, in the United States, if you want to go to the restroom or, we say, bathroom in a restaurant or cafe, you will ask someone: «Excuse me, Sir/ Mam, where is the bathroom? Where is the restroom?»

Whereas here in Russia and in many other parts of the world the word «toilet» is widely used. In the United States, as an example, people will frown upon that, people really, won't really understand, what you are saying.

Of course people will know you mean «the bathroom», however it is a word that is kind of taboo or unaccepted in the culture in the United States. People don't let to use that, we just don't use that.

Another example is Canada. They use the word «washroom», whereas, that word in the States also probably would not be widely understood.