• 14 years ago
my first crack at film-making was a feature-length docu-drama involving six solitary characters in the same corner of town in the vortex of their separate but not unsimilar life-crises. i lost the docu-drama half of the movie because of my naivete and the rank incompetence of the gay brigade of self-styled cinematographers. I was the King parading naked and they were my crafty tailors. With a new crew the drama-half got stretched into 83 minutes of "Frail" that premiered and derniered at The World Film Festival in Montreal. I then took a break from collaborative efforts and wrote "Skandalon". Along the way I realised that my film had been a fictional crack at broaching the factual subject of my book. I hence whittled it down to basics and slipped in footage of the time in London when I had interviewed my mother about the stories we create from our personal history and how we fit and fail to fit into each others narratives of the same events.