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10 Wrangel, Russians deprived of Russia (Eng. subtitles)

Русские без России, Фильм 4-й. "Генерал Врангель. Когда мы уйдем" (General Wrangel. When will we leave)
The documentary follows the lives of Russian Civil War emigres of the First Wave. It seeks to disclose their motives for leaving, to reveal their lives beyond the borders of their native land, to explore their contribution to the Russian and world cultures. The authors take an inquisitive look at the lives of White Army generals Vrangel, Denikin.
Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Русские без России” (literally, Russians without Russia) documents the stories of the Russian commanders of the White Army and their men after the Civil War in Russia following the Bolshevik Revolution. Interviews with descendants of these leaders and those who chose to leave Russia for better times in Western Europe after 1921 are featured, often in conversation with Nikita Mikhalkov himself.