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The Little Prince (Planet Baobab)

Musical inspired by The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Original score by Canadian composers Denis Gougeon and Yves Daoust.
Planet Baobab is a fusion of original music, drama and visual effects.
This musical production, with its fantastical imagination and its mystery and emotion, is a wonderful introduction to Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince and the characters that inhabit the world of his moving, timeless, universal and unforgettable story.

Winner of an Opus award in 2000 for best production for a young audience.

2 soloists and symphony orchestra

Duration : 55 minutes
Languages : English, French
Ages: General audience, from 8 years old


2 flutes (the second one also plays the piccolo)
2 oboes
2 clarinets in B flat (the second one also plays bass clarinet)
2 bassoons
4 French horns
2 trumpets in C
1 tenor trombone

First violins
Second violins
Double basses

Percussion 1: snare drum, glockenspiel, rain stick, mark-tree, whistle
Percussion 2: vibraphone, bass drum, hi-hat cymbal
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