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Round Da Way (Les Lascars

France in L.A.
As summer approaches, everyone is itching for action in Boningville, a fictitious place resembling the projects surrounding Paris. Tony Pepperoni and Joe Hustleton had plans to spend the summer at the beach in Santo Rico, but a mix-up with the travel agency ruined their party dreams. Tony tries his luck in the ‘business’ with local honcho Zoran, while Joe lands a dream job working for the local judge and seduces his daughter Clémence. Things get complicated when Tony attempts to break up with his nymphomaniac girlfriend Manuella. Meanwhile, Joe wants to stop hustling but everyone in Boningville knows "where the party’s at". It features the voices of Vincent Cassel (Ocean’s Thirteen, Eastern Promises), Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds, Wicker Park), and French rapper Diam’s.

COLCOA / April 21 at 10:15
U.S. Premiere
In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Albert Pereira Lazaro, Emmanuel Klotz
Written by: Alexis Dolivet, IZM, Eldiablo, Emmanuel Klotz
Editing by: Thibaud Caquot
Music by: Lucien "Papalu", Nicholas Varley
Produced by: Philippe Gompel, Roch Lener
Production Company: Millimages
Coproduction: France 2 Cinéma, Studio 37

Round Da Way started as a series of short one-minute clips on Canal +. After two seasons, it reached cult status and the series was bought in over 20 countries. Now an adult animation film, it is a directorial debut for ALBERT PEREIRA-LAZARO and EMMANUEL KLOTZ, who co-wrote the screenplay with Alexis Dolivet, Eldiablo and IZM. Albert Pereira-Lazaro graduated from the animation school Les Gobelins, then joined the production company Millimages. He has won many international awards for his 2D animation series, including a Children’s BAFTA award for Best International Animated Program in 2000 and a Pulcinella award for Best Family Animated Program in 2004. Emmanuel Klotz is also a Gobelins graduate. He was assistant director on the TV series Pablo, The Little Red Fox and storyboarded the TV series Corneil & Bernie (2001).