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Resisting - Documentary

Voices of the Victims of the Pando Massacre in Bolivia

Documentary – 41:23 min.
Bolivia / 2009
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English


On September 11, 2008, 13 people – most of them peasants – were murdered in Pando, one of the departments with greatest opposition to Evo Morales’ government, in what international bodies such as Unasur and the UN called “the Porvenir Massacre” or “the Pando Massacre”.

The massacre resulted in hundreds of injured and dozens of displaced people but, despite this, more than one year on, those repsonsible have still not been brought to justice...

This documentary shows what happened on that day, but also places this fateful event in a broader context. The film is a portrait of the lives of the families of the victims and of those who survived the violence after September 11.


Investigative Journalism and Direction: María Sol Wasylyk Fedyszak

Executive production: Alejandro Parellada

Film and Photos: Emilio Gonzales

Second Unit: Patrick Vanier

Third Unit : Camera Fernando Cola

Photos: Virginia Medley

Post-production and Design: Canejo Producciones

Post-production Coordination: Fernando Cola

Editing: Martín Ladd

Post-production contribution: Facundo López-Virginia Medley

Visual Communication Design: Anabel Garbet

An IWGIA production in association with ORE-MEDIA

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