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Amazonia for sale - Documentary

Amazonia For Sale
(The Awajún people and their struggle to protect their ancestral territory)

Documentary - 36 min.
Peru - 2009
Languages: Spanish - Awajun
Subtitles: English

The Awajun people have inhabited the Amazon rainforest since time immemorial, living in harmony with - and respectful of - nature. This ecological balance is now being threatened by a growing interest on the part of the Peruvian government and national and international companies in indiscriminately exploiting the area’s mineral, timber and oil resources.
As a result of this plan, promoted by the state in the name of progress and economic development, the original inhabitants of these lands are now threatened by pollution, illness and desertification.
This documentary tells the story of the Awajun people’s resistance and struggle for their dignity and territory, both now and in the future, seeking to avoid the tragic experience to which many of Latin America’s native peoples have already succumbed.


An IWGIA production in association with ORE-MEDIA

With the support of: ODECOFROC - Racimos de Ungurahui Working Group

Direction, Camera and Photography: Facundo López

Executive Production: Alejandro Parellada

Production in Perú: Racimos de Ungurahui Working Group - Marco Huaco

Technical Production: Canejo Productions

Direct Sound: Mauro Peteán

Camera Operator in Bagua: Martín Ladd

Post Production Coordination: Fernando Cola

Editing: Lisandro Moriones - Martín Ladd

Post Production Contribution: Facundo López - Virginia Medley

Visual Comunication Design: Anabel Garbet

Translation in Peruvian Amazon: Fermín Apikai Chimpa - Raúl Humberto Vargas Caballero - Francisco Quiaco Inchipish - Ignacio Mayan Yampis
Translation in Post production: Irma Tuesta Cerrón - Raúl Humberto Vargas Caballero
Guide and motorised canoe driver in Peruvian Amazon: Fermín Apikai Chimpa
English Translation: Elaine Bolton

© All rights reserved
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