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TIAHUANACO & PUMA-PUNKU 3 Forbidden Archeology

(Free) Hugues
il y a 10 ans|4.1K vues
Tiwanaku is in the Bolivian Andes lying 12,500 feet (over 2 miles) above sea-level. It is located some 15 miles from the shores of Lake Titicaca. Some have hypothesized that its modern name is a corruption of the Aymara term taypikala :"stone in the center".
Much of the construction is unfinished. Tiahu is believed to be the capital of the Pre-Inca Civilization. The city is believed by some to have been built by the Aymara - the Native South Americans inhabiting the Lake Titicaca basin in Peru and Bolivia. Some believe this is the oldest city in the world. Others believe it was built by an extraterrestrial race that also created the Nazca Lines. Traditionally it is thought to have been built by the predecessors of the Inca Civilization over 2,000 years ago. It is a mysterious ruined city of extremely ancient origins. Some of the massive structures at this site, like the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx in Egypt and Baalbek in Lebanon, date from pre-flood times, as long ago as 12,500 BC.

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