My Results After 7 Wks Using Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice

  • 14 years ago Hello..This is Karen & here is a quick update on how I have been doing with the Patagonian Maqui Juice since starting it 7 weeks ago..I have now lost 14lbs, my appetite is virtually nil..My blood sugars are averaging 105 to 130 two hours after eating & my A1C level is now down to 5.8..I don't have any cravings for sweets & snacks..I am sleeping much better than I used to, feeling more rested in the mornings & have more energy throughout the day..I have never found anything that would reduce my appetite like the Patagonian Maqui Berry Juice has, especially with me being a diabetic..I take 2oz three times a day & am doing great..Feel free to contact me for more information..Thanks for your time..Karen