Skylaire Dot Com Presents Revelance Of UFOs

  • 15 years ago
Skylaire Alfvegren has worked on cars for the Mexican mafia and roped cattle on the border of Area 51. Having witnessed her first UFO alongside Air Force personnel as a child, she began her writing career at seventeen with "File o' the Damned," a column of Fortean investigation for Fizz Magazine.

Not yet of legal drinking age, she was hired as a consultant for Strange Universe, the Fox Network's nationally-syndicated "paranormal news program," wrote regularly for the L.A. Weekly and built a laboratory to grow amanita muscaria.

Translated into nine languages and plastered helter skelter online, her
gonzo reportage has appeared in countless magazines, books and journals.
Descended from the Dark Elves of old Scandanavia, she is currently
applying her vast knowledge of California — the esoteric, the dark, and
the weird — to the small screen; and recently founded the League Of
Western Fortean Intermediatists (L.O.W.F.I.). For more information go to or just plain ol'

Ms. Alfvegren is currently available for writing, television and other
media assignments