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Alterface Pirates' Plunder - come in and play!

il y a 9 ans56.8K views



The adventure starts on the quay of a port where Blackbeard, whose treasure has been stolen, will choose his team. After this short introduction and training phase, two players are already highlighted on the screen with their photo: the best shooter... and the one bringing up the rear!
Aboard the pirate ship, the players will first have to defend themselves against a horde of assailants trying to come aboard. The attackers take the form of skeletons.
Saved by the crews accurate shooting, the players are taken on a ride to the treasure cave. They will experience a host of special effects, such as water sprays and wind, and their seat will move in synch with every tight turn.
In the treasure cave, the goal is to recover the treasure being defended by the skeletons. But these are not the only targets offering points, as crabs and bats provide secondary targets and react to the shots in a funny way.
Finally, once Blackbeard has got his treasure back, he congratulates his ships best lieutenant by projecting his or her photo and score on the screen.

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Alterface Pirates' Plunder - come in and play!
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