5 Surprising Things to Pack on Your Next Cruise

  • 29 days ago
Not sure what to pack for your next cruise? In addition to the obvious (sunscreen, toothbrush, passport, and a vacation-ready wardrobe), these are 5 other things you may not have thought to add to your cruise packing list—but absolutely should, according to AFAR's senior commerce editor, Lyndsey Matthews. Especially if this is your first time on a cruise, be sure to watch this video and get tips from a seasoned pro.

Products mentioned in this video:
- Magnetic hooks: https://amzn.to/3Vy66Lx
- Baggu packing cubes: https://fave.co/3uiYukt
- Reusable mug by Purist: https://shorturl.at/5txyG
- Polarized sunglasses: https://shorturl.at/wxzvJ
- Tote bag: you know you already own one ;D
- Monos suitcase: http://shrsl.com/3up40

Get the full cruise packing list: https://rebrand.ly/u80ecsz
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Claudia Cardia - Video Editor
Lyndsey Matthews - Travel Gear Expert
Michelle Baran - Videographer
Jessie Beck - AFAR Producer
Elizabeth See - Designer

Lyndsey Matthews

00:00 A word from the expert...
00:27 Item 1: Hooks
00:59 Item 2: Reusable mug
01:35 Item 3: Not just any sunglasses...
02:07 Item 4: Tote bag
02:31 Item 5: Break out the big suitcase
02:49 Find the full packing list