Billionaires Are Battling For The Fate Of AI. Will The World Benefit From The Outcome_

  • 11 days ago
Billionaire investors of the internet era are now locked in a war of words and influenced to determine whether AI's future will be one of concentrated safety or unfettered advancement. The stakes couldn't be higher.

In May 2023, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman appeared on Capitol Hill for a Senate subcommittee meeting on AI. The substance of his message: Regulate us. For his opponents, this was the mask-­off moment they’d been wait­ing for. Three months earlier, Musk, who had cofounded and bankrolled OpenAI when it was still an open­ source nonprofit, had taken to X to decry OpenAI’s recent multibillion­ dollar capi­tal infusion from Microsoft. From its nonprofit roots, OpenAI had evolved into a “closed­ source, maximum­ profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft,” Musk said.

For Vinod Khosla and Reid Hoffman—who met with Alt­man together at least once to talk strategy but otherwise move in separate circles—OpenAI’s willingness to compromise is how to get things done. Whether Hoffman is talking to Biden, Pope Francis or U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, a frequent collaborator in recent months, their questions are similar: How will constituents’ lives change because of AI? What about their jobs? When should they be excited for benefits, or cautious about risks? “You have to show you understand what their primary game is, and that they can trust you to figure it out,” Hoffman says. “If your approach to government is to say ‘get out of my way,’ then you’re not help­ing with their game.”

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0:59 Where Is Silicon Valley On AI
5:03 Reid Hoffman And The State Of Open AI
7:44 Where Does Social Media And AI Regulation Stand?
9:55 Vinod Khosla's Take On Open AI And The State Of The Industry
13:30 Will Regulations Aid Our Society From AI Going To Far?

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