14 years ago

911 interrupts the jobber tag match

Hardcore Heaven 1995.

911 and Paul Heyman interrupt the tag match of Chad Austin and The Broadstreet Bully vs Don E Allen and Dino Sendoff.

911 is a former JAPW Champion and oddly enough, a former New Jersey NWA Light Heavyweight Champion. No comment there. He also wrestled in WCW under the name Big Al, infamously having a Leather Jacket on a Pole match with Tank Abbott and having a knife held to his throat.

The Bully was a former ECW Tag Champion and ECW Pennsylvania Champion under the name Tony Stetson.

Chad Austin's most famous moment was New Jack breaking his leg.

Don E Allen's greatest fame was being named #498 of the 500 top wrestlers by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

I don't have a clue who Dino Sendoff is.

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