China's New Electric Luxury Off-Road Monster , New Dongfeng Warrior M-HUNTER Off-Road SUV 2024

  • 2 months ago
The car is equipped with many military-grade black technologies and aerospace-grade carbon fiber materials and is expected to be sold at a price of one million yuan, taking China's luxury electric off-roading to a new dimension. Additionally, the new car is unique in terms of styling, making people excited to try it.

First of all, in terms of appearance, it can be seen that all parts of the vehicle reveal a strong, hard-core off-road style. The entire car is covered with carbon fiber materials, which greatly reduces the weight of the car. The headlights use X-style LED daytime running lights, and the front grille features an illuminated Warriors LOGO, making the design pretty cool. In addition, the front casing adopts steel guard bar design and is equipped with two red decoupling and mid-mounted motor winch devices. It has a rough shape and full terrain characteristics.

The side of the car body is unique in its body structure and door design. Warriors M-HUNTER adopts a tubular body structure and abandons traditional doors to introduce a simple bumper shape. The design is quite avant-garde. The wheels have a closed, low wind resistance shape and are equipped with professional-quality off-road tires, which can provide a better off-road experience.

Moreover, various off-road configurations, including ceiling projectors, rear off-road tires and various off-road equipment, are not left behind, not only looking more wild in appearance, but also showcasing off-road qualities.

The rear of the car adopts a long and narrow design, and part of the design mirrors the front car. It also sports an illuminated Warriors LOGO, red tow hooks and silver rear guard.

In terms of interior, Warrior M-HUNTER uses fully wrapped bucket-shaped sports seats to provide a more comfortable driving experience. The car also features numerous hollow-core designs to further reduce the car's weight and improve its overall performance. In addition, the officially announced red interior color scheme adds a visually dynamic and sporty atmosphere to the vehicle.

In terms of power, Warrior M-HUNTER is expected to be equipped with a three-motor system that will provide sufficient power for off-road use. It will also have extremely high wheel torque with high chassis suspension support. Little is known about the vehicle's powertrain. There's a good chance it will be sold as a BEV or as an extended-range EV like the M-Hero 1. For example, the BEV version of the M-Hero 917 produces 1,072 hp (800 kW), while the EREV produces 805 hp (800 kW).