Eliot Wolf on Patriots Draft + Belichick vs Kraft again | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

  • 2 months ago
In the latest episode of the Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast with Nick Cattles, Greg and Nick delve into a variety of topics following Eliot Wolf's recent press conference. They start by discussing the key points from Wolf's talk, especially his comments on the wide receiver situation. They then explore the likelihood of a draft trade and whether the Patriots have decided on their pick. Discussion continues with whether JJ McCarthy is still a contender for the Patriots' third overall pick and the team's strategy to draft a great player. They also address the season of misinformation leading up to the draft and conclude with commentary on recent ESPN articles about Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft.


0:00 Eliot Wolf talked today … what caught your eye?

15:36 Wolf on Wide Receiver

21:20 Is a draft trade likely?

22:50 Do the Patriots know who they are going to pick?

25:39 Is JJ McCarthy still in the mix for the Patriots third overall pick?

27:53 Are Pats looking for a GREAT player?

30:03 Misinformation time?

35:45 ESPN comes out with another Belichick column…

42:43 Kraft not doing himself many favors of late

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