Lok Sabha Elections 2024 | Raghav Lakhanpal, BJP speaks to Outlook's Rakhi Bose

  • 2 months ago
Having wrested the Saharanpur seat for BJP after 16 years in the polarised Lok Sabha election of 2014, former MLA and MP Raghav Lakhanpal emerged as a leader in 2014 after the murder of his father, who was also a member of the BJP. Having lost the seat to Fazlur Rehman of the BSP, which was contesting in alliance with SP in 2019, the soft-spoken leader has been given the charge of winning back the seat for the BJP, even as anger among Rajputs and murmurs of dissent among other Hindu caste groups may hurt his chances in this election. Speaking to Outlook's Rakhi Bose, Lakhanpal says he has the support of all sides and expresses confidence in his party, predicting another BJP sweep.

Rakhi Bose with Tribhuvan Tiwari

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