• 2 months ago
Shardlake Trailer HD - Plot Synopsis: Set in 16th century England during the dissolution of the monasteries, Shardlake is a four-part drama based on the first novel in C.J. Sansom's internationally popular Tudor murder mystery series. The eerie whodunnit adventure follows lawyer Matthew Shardlake (Arthur Hughes) and Jack Barack (Anthony Boyle) as they work to uncover the truth behind a horrific murder. The two men are sent out on a mission by the dangerous and all-powerful right-hand man to Henry VIII: Thomas Cromwell (Sean Bean) -- and failure is not an option. As they race to uncover the mystery, Shardlake and Barack are met with hostility, suspicion and paranoia by the monks who fear for their future and will seemingly stop at nothing to preserve their order.

directed by Justin Chadwick

starring Arthur Hughes, Anthony Boyle, Sean Bean, Babou Ceesay, Paul Kaye, David Pearse, Charlotte Christof, Hilary Tones, Matthew Steer

release date May 1, 2024 (on Hulu)