Rescue dog cries every time mom does this

  • 2 months ago
jesse (tiktok) @screamingchihuahua 3/29 2:30 pm

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credit - @screamingchihuahua


He always cries when,
when his mommy comes home 22 show visual for 1 sec before vo with audio
s 01
Mommy's home

I go, mommy's home.
And he just runs out the door.
And as soon as he sees her,
he just starts screaming. cont till 14 fast fwd to fit this vo
e cont till 17 with audio - 15% faster

sometimes even before
he gets out the door,
he's so happy
that somebody's coming home
that he hasn't seen
like 20 minutes
to him, it's like a month and a half 10t20 with audio
e 16t18

from here use vo

i'm howard...for geobeats
(make it 10% more faster
Jesse's Story by GeoBeats Animals
visual 00 bit of audio 39 for 1 sec

My wife and her sister
they always liked
rescuing animals. cont till 43

Jesse was found in a foreclosed house
abandoned for maybe a week. bit of audio - show visual for .25 sec before vo