• 2 months ago
And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
We present the nominees of BEST LOW BUDGET!

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

KNARS - Keep Running @knarsmusic
Production: M Holtslag @tinusholtslag_hollie
Director: M Holtslag @tinusholtslag_hollie

Will Silver - Maybe It s Not Our Time Yet @willlsilver
Production: Fleur Adderley @fleurconstancea
Director: @fleurconstancea

Bambie Thug - Tsunami @bambiethug
Director: Vakul Film @vakul_film

Zulu - Hooligan Break @7oulou
Label: Association fatale @association_fatale
Production: MILES @miles.films
Director: Gil Gharbi @gil.ghbi

Santana Sexmachine - X-Ray @santanasexmachine
Production: David Vitry Ferreira @kinkybanana
Director: David Vitry Ferreira @kinkybanana

The Armo - ROCKSTAR @armothename
Label: Kitsch Music @kitsch.music044
Production: ZORESLAV @zoreslavjartsev
Director: Dzhigiris Valery

aLex vs aLex - see me 4 the first time @sofiainsua
Production: Jenzar Films @jenn.zar
Director: Ana Vardi @anavardi

Sabrina Bellaouel - Period Point Blank @sabrinabellaouel
Label: InFiné Music @infinemusic
Production: @pelicanparis
Director: Olive Gogué-Meunier & Jason Mougamadou Abdullah @augureaugure

Panterah - Discover @panterahhhhh
Production: Katey Meyer @motorcyclemary
Director: Aliya Haq @aliyahaq

Svoya - House of pleasures @svoyaofficial
Production: Nikita Prokofyev @doprokofyev
Director: Maria Pronin @barkobulka