The Sinking City 2 World Premiere Trailer (2025)
  • last month
Officially unveil The Sinking City 2. Explore the flooded city of Arkham in this eerie Lovecraftian survival horror. Coming 2025 to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

What is the Sinking City 2?
The Sinking City 2 is a story-rich survival-horror game, set in Lovecraftian 1920s United States. It takes place in the infamous city of Arkham, now plagued by a supernatural flood that has brought decay and Eldritch monsters to its streets.

In the Sinking City 2, you face numerous eldritch abomination in combat, explore a rotting city as the rising waters change the landscape, and discover what dark mysteries brought you to this forsaken place. The game will feature a new, stand-alone story separate from the one told in the original game.

Unlike The Sinking City 1 which was a detective adventure with a horror flavor, the sequel is a full-scale survival horror game with emphasis on combat and exploration. We are also keeping investigation as an optional mechanic, one that will yield real gameplay benefits if you decide to engage with it!

Game Features
Fight to Survive: Use an arsenal of 1920s-inspired firearms and melee weapons to fight against Eldritch-inspired admonitions.

Explore The Decaying City of Arkham: A semi-open world of decaying mansions, flooded markets and abandoned hospitals. As you progress the flood waters will rise, changing the layout of locations when you return.

Find and Use What You Can: Scrounge for limited resources and balance a finite inventory as you decide what to bring and what to leave behind.

Choose to Investigate Further: Solve optional puzzles that let you investigate your surroundings deeper to uncover secrets, alternate options, and more lore.

A Twisted Lovecraftian Tale: Experience a morally grey and captivating story set around the Lovecraft mythos of cults, mutant creatures and incomprehensible gods.

Reinventing The Studio – New Genre and Unreal Engine 5
With the Sinking City 2, we are hoping to pivot the studio to a “horror-first” focus with gameplay primarily built around combat, exploration, and its Lovecraftian setting + story. We have also moved over to Unreal Engine 5 to utilize the technological leaps and bounds the engine is offering developers.

The campaign is expected to launch soonwill be launched in a few months, but for now, fans can sign up here to be informed by Kickstarter once the campaign goes live.

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