Spotify Offers Audiobook-Only Subscription

  • 3 months ago
Spotify Offers , Audiobook-Only Subscription.
Spotify's Audiobooks Access Tier has rolled out for $10 per month in the U.S., Engadget reports.
The subscription provides
15 hours of audiobook listening.
Spotify has over
200,000 audiobooks
to choose from.
In November, Spotify began offering
Premium subscribers 15 hours of
audiobook listening at no additional cost.
Spotify Premium costs $11 per month.
Since November, free tier users have
searched for and interacted with
audiobooks 45% more each day, Spotify said. .
That increase has seemingly justified
Spotify's decision to offer a
subscription tier only for audiobooks.
Ad-supported music will still be
available to those users.
According to Engadget, audiobooks can usually be finished in seven to 11 hours, .
which provides the opportunity to possibly fit in two titles per month with Spotify's plan.
That may undercut Audible, which charges subscribers $15 per month for one audiobook.