Google Will Share Oil and Gas Methane Leaks Viewed From Space

  • 3 months ago
Google Will Share Oil and Gas Methane Leaks , Viewed From Space.
Google and Environmental Defense Fund announced
their partnership on Feb. 14, Reuters reports.
In March, MethaneSAT will launch and monitor
the world's methane emissions in an attempt to
locate major sources of the greenhouse gas.
The satellite's data will be available later
in 2024 through the Google Earth Engine.
Google Cloud will help
to process the information.
Google will also create an oil and gas infrastructure map with the help of AI.
MethaneSAT's data will be overlaid on that map
to help researchers understand which types of
equipment have the most methane emissions. .
We think this information is incredibly
valuable for energy companies,
researchers and the public sector
to anticipate and mitigate methane
emissions in components that
are generally most susceptible, Yael Maguire, vice president of geo sustainability at Google, via Reuters.
MethaneSAT's launch comes as governments
crack down on methane emissions, Reuters reports.
Additionally, while attending the COP28 climate
summit, companies such as ExxonMobil and Aramco pledged to reach near-zero methane leaks by 2030.
A new EPA rule would allow large methane
leaks to be reported by the American
public if they have access to accurate
detection technology, Reuters reports.
The U.S. emits some of the largest
amounts of methane in the world