Pixa Voice AI - Use your voice in your native language to create a text transcription or translate it into another language. Then a perfect OpenAI voice to speak your voice.

  • 3 months ago
What Pixa Voice can do for you:

Use your voice in your native language to create a text transcription or translate it into another language.

Convert audio from an existing MP3 file into text and captions, either in the original language or a different one.

Input text, either transcribed or copied from another source, and have it read aloud by AI.

Transcribe audio content into text.

Access tools designed for audio compression or enhancement for clearer sound quality.

Capture a lecture or presentation with your device and automatically generate a detailed, written summary.

Dictate notes or ideas into your phone and have them instantly organized into a neatly formatted document.

Record your daily journal entries vocally and have them transcribed for easy digital archiving.

Conduct a webinar or online class, then swiftly convert the entire session into a readable transcript for reference.

Capture the audio of a brainstorming session and receive a clean, concise text version of all ideas discussed.

Record a guided meditation or relaxation session and have it transcribed for creating written guides or scripts.

Narrate your creative story or concept ideas aloud and receive a well-structured written version for further development.

Record your voice directly from your computer, eliminating the need for a professional sound studio, and then have it spoken by a crisp, flawless AI voice.

Easily record meetings using your phone and promptly convert the recordings into text.

Conduct an interview over the phone and, once completed, seamlessly transcribe the conversation into text.

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Voices are not human and are generated by OpenAI APIs, using Pixa Voice.