Madhura Manohara Moham (2023) Sinhala Subtitle With Review & Full Cast & Crew

  • 5 months ago
Madhura Manohara Moham (2023) Sinhala Subtitle With Review & Full Cast & Crew

Director: Stephy Zaviour
Writers: Mahesh Gopal, Jai Vishnu
Producer: B3M Creations

Sharaf U Dheen
Rajisha Vijayan
Bindu Panicker
Aarsha Chandini Baiju

Cinematography: Chandru Selvaraj
Editors: Appu N. Bhattathiri, Malavika V. N.
Music: Hesham Abdul Wahab
Production Company: B3M Creations
Release Date: 16 June 2023
Running Time: 117 minutes
Country: India
Language: Malayalam
Box Office: ₹9.8 crore (US$1.2 million)
IMDb Rating: 6.4/10
Google User Liked: 88%

In the quaint town of Kumbazha, Ushamma, widowed after the demise of Mohan, oversees her three children: Manu, Meera, and Malu. Manu, employed as a second-grade overseer in the Public Works Department, becomes the new secretary of the Kumbazha Saraswati Vilasam Nair Service Society Karayogam. Amidst familial responsibilities, Manu finds himself entangled in a complex love story with Shalabha, the daughter of Karayogam president Indrasena Kurup.

Trouble surfaces when Shalabha's parents unexpectedly return home, discovering Manu and Shalabha together. To salvage their reputation, Indrasena Kurup decides to arrange his daughter's marriage with Manu. Simultaneously, Manu's coworker, Jose Oommen, unravels a shocking revelation about Manu's sister, Meera. She is entangled in a romantic affair with a Christian teen named Disney James. The unfolding events force Manu to take drastic measures, leading to the arrangement of Meera's marriage with Jeevan Raj through a matrimonial site.

As the family prepares for Meera's wedding, Manu discovers the extent of her love affairs, leaving him disturbed. The ceremony proceeds with unexpected guests, including Meera's various lovers, present. Post-wedding revelations add further layers to the intricate family drama, revealing Meera's past romantic entanglements. The story climaxes with Jeevan Raj confessing his secrets to Meera on their wedding night. "Madhura Manohara Moham" intricately weaves love, family dynamics, and unexpected twists, offering a glimpse into the complexities of modern relationships in a traditional setting.

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