Race Across the World 2023 episode 1

  • 8 months ago
Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 episode 1 - The beloved BBC series, Race Across the World, is making an exhilarating return, and this season it's not just any ordinary race – it comes with an unexpected twist. For the first time in the show's illustrious history, celebrities are gearing up to undertake the formidable challenge set by this Bafta-winning format. In this new and thrilling chapter, four celebrated individuals will bravely say goodbye to their comfortable and luxurious lifestyles to embark upon a monumental 10,000km race that spans from the vibrant landscapes of Africa all the way to the icy stretches of the Arctic. Leaving behind the conveniences of modern life, such as lavish travel arrangements, advanced smartphones, and unrestricted access to credit cards, they will experience the art of traveling on a constrained budget, just like the contestants in the regular series.