Antiques Roadshow - Series 46 4. Swanage Pier and Seafront, Dorset 2

  • 9 months ago
Antiques Roadshow 2023 – Swanage Pier and Seafront, Dorset 2 – In the quaint and scenic locale of Swanage Pier in Dorset, set along the historic stretches of England’s Jurassic Coast, a captivating episode of the Antiques Roadshow unfolds. Here, Cristian Beadman unexpectedly comes upon ancient dinosaur footprints amidst the anticipatory queue of attendees. The picturesque seaside environment enhances the charm of this episode, offering the perfect backdrop for the display of an eclectic and unusual array of items. Among these treasured finds is a stunning, beaded glass window, lovingly rescued from the demolition of a local fish shop. This beautiful artifact is accompanied by a meticulously maintained collection of waterline model boats, charmingly described by Marc Allum as ‘big boy’s toys.’