This Farming Life 2023 Episode 4

5 months ago
This Farming Life 2023 Episode 4 - As the chill of winter begins to spread its icy grasp over Scotland, the landscape is transformed into a picturesque panorama of frost-laden hills and snow-capped mountains. For many, it’s a time to hunker down in the warm embrace of home, seeking solace in the comfort of a crackling fire. Yet, amidst the icy expanses, farmers relentlessly persevere, braving the cold to tend to their livestock and lay the groundwork for the forthcoming year. In the remote reaches of North Uist, Fraser and Carianne embark on a journey to the mainland. The brisk wind bites at their faces as they make their way to sell their tups, and in exchange, seek new ones in anticipation of the upcoming mating season. Their decisions, clouded by the mist of disagreement, bear weight and anticipation. The most exceptional choices do not always guarantee success, leaving an air of uncertainty hanging amidst the cold breeze.