Covid-19 Valencia Shopping Trip #5 - From Parterre Park, Colon Metro Station to Mercado Colon

  • 10 months ago
Lockdown week number 5 in Valencia, Spain and this is my 5th time outside of the house to go shopping. And yes, it's the highlight for me of each week, being able to leave the house, walk a bit and to see that the outside world still exists.

The thing I noticed most this time, was when I was walking through the Parterre Park, the grass hasn't been cut since the lockdown started and has grown to some crazy heights. I wonder now the impact this lockdown has on nature. Higher grass gives more room to little insects! More insects feed more birds and so on.

This Covid-19 shopping trip starts at Calle La Paz and then takes you to the Parterre Park and then over to the Colon Metro Station before arriving at the Mercado Colon to go shopping at Consum!

This video was recorded with this camera:

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