The Making of Neo Deco – 04-07-23

  • 11 maanden geleden
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Second One

This oil painting ‘Neo Deco – 04-07-23’ is the second one in the series under the same name. The first one was a first attempt to put my ever growing series into color. Doesn’t it resemble the roundism series, I hear you ask. Well, yes but I consider this one also containing more general deco motifs. In fact, in the past I named a work ‘roundism’ when it mainly contained swirls and curves. However, I feel the series is up for closure. I don’t rule out adding another one in due time though. I also feel I’m entering new territory, combining straight planes and curved ones. Not sure where to go next but doesn’t an artist always feels that way? That’s the fun part!

Two Different Looks

Whereas the previous one was full of highly saturated colors this oil is differerent. I tried to subdue colors a bit and use only strong colored patches of paints in small quantities. This way the duller ones come in bigger quantities. I tried to feel my way through to an optimal quantity / quality balance. Due to the relative character of colors that obviously is a subjective experience. Therefor, choices I made you won’t necessarily have to concur with. I think I did the best I can. Not sure I succeeded though. Writing this art statement the painting is one hour old. Up close the patches look brillant. From a distance I spotted a result that comes through the principle of divisionism. Complementary colours seem to merge and become weaker. Just the look I wanted. So I begot two paintings for the price of one. Two different looks.

Balancing Out

The reference drawing was Neo Deco – 08-06-23 and I think I did it justice with the color scheme added. It took more time to complete it than expected. In the graphite pencil one I threw in a lot of planes, swirls and curves. It proved to be a tall order to choose the right colors and balance them all out. Now I’m happy with the contrast in cool and warm, light and dark, strong and weak colours. What do you think?

Oil on linen (70 x 100 cm)
Artist: Corné Akkers