Grand Tours of Scotland's Rivers episode 4
  • 10 months ago
Grand Tours of Scotland's Rivers episode 4 - North Esk - Nestled in the enchanting landscapes south of Edinburgh, the North Esk River emerges as a hidden jewel, its waters reflecting the captivating tales and history that define the region. Our adventurous traveler, Paul, sets out to trace its winding course, starting from the commanding Pentland Hills and navigating through a terrain that is richly imbued with myth and legend. The journey unfolds at Habbie's Howe, a spot where picturesque beauty marries delight in its purest form. Enveloped in tranquility and natural charm, this enchanting location serves as a serene backdrop to Paul's adventure. Each rustling leaf and whispering wind seems to carry a tale from the past, adding a layer of mystique to his exploration.