'Outer Banks' Star Austin North Reflects On Topper’s Changing Relationship With The Pogues

  • last year
In the Outer Banks, there are the Kooks and the Pogues, sworn enemies that feel like they're inspired by the Capulets and the Montagues. However, on Outer Banks, there is one Kook, named Topper, who seems to have a soft spot for one of the characters who turns into a Pogue, and because of that, his character is always switching sides. So, when I sat down with the cast of OBX I asked Austin North about Topper’s ever-evolving relationship with John B. and co., and why he’s constantly switching sides.

While talking about Season 3 of Outer Banks Austin North and discussed Topper, and his allegiances. As a Kook, he’s one of the Pogues' biggest foes. However, his character has been in love with Sarah Cameron since day one, and because of that, his loyalties tend to shift depending on what Madelyn Cline’s character is up to.