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Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux
Wednesday Night Live 12 Jan 2022

Hi Stef, regarding marriage I was wondering how you built a happy marriage without having successful examples to follow?

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question knowing what you've said in the past but are you going to use your Twitter account?

Has a caller/debate opponent ever changed your mind about something ?
If so, what did they help change your mind about ?

How do I confront my often verbally abusive dad about mistakes that I think he made as a parent when the response will be more verbal abuse?

What do you think of Bergson's statement that democracy is the only system compatible with dignity but has a small flaw... Doesn't promote meritocracy? (Hope I didn't distort too much)

Can someone in their 30’s have a personality change? Is it possible for an introvert to become an extrovert? Is the term “introvert” an excuse me and others use to not do the work of socializing (parts of which are challenging)… OR do you think this is created at a more genetic level?
Can I be extroverted and make a massive personality change in this stage of my life? Have you heard of the concept of athletes/performers using an “alter ego”.

Regarding marriage, why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Is it because up to 45% of relationships aren't built on virtue?

Actual question. If there are no minor children involved how do you feel about keeping your word re: marriage vows for better or worse and staying married even when unhappy as was tradition vs breaking up a marriage? When no one is actually trying to improve things?

What do you think accounts for the discrepancy in post Soviet republics and satellite states? Some places, namely Poland and Czech Republic, seem to have gone in the right direction in regards to expanding freedom of speech and civil liberties. Other places seem to be frozen in time, most are in a quagmire of corruption with little economic development to show for after 30 years since dissolution of the USSR.

If love is our involuntary response to virtue (if we are virtuous), does this also apply to parental love? If so, what virtues do children display to make a parent love them?

Is it acceptable under peaceful parenting to take a toy from your child to pay a debt they owe for being badly behaved?

For me, the concept of soulmate doesn't mean "no conflicts". It just means they are the most compatible partner—they're still going to trigger your fears like no other, because you're really getting close to someone and the stakes are the highest possible

yes! this is has big a big problem in my house. my wife always pulls the "I'm not getting paid" card

Hey Stef, are females and males equally propagandized? I’m curious if there’s biological basis.

If unrealistic expectations are harmful to longterm relationships, does this include the idea of romance? What are your thoughts on the concept of romance and its relationship to virtue if any.

In order for a model of virtue to be understood a