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What Are The Worst Morning Habits and How to Avoid Them

Whether we realize it or not, everyone follows some sort of habit-filled morning routine.
Unfortunately, the global pandemic has made it easy to fall into less-than-ideal habits when we wake up.
Here are the 5 worst morning habits and how to avoid them, according to experts.
1. Hitting the Snooze Button: The extra minutes aren’t restorative and could actually be disrupting your REM sleep, which can cause negative mental and physical effects.
Niket Sonpal of Touro College of Medicine recommends setting your clock ahead by 15 minutes to get
some extra time in the morning.

2. Immediately Reaching for Your Phone: Naomi Parrella of Rush University Medical Group says you shouldn't let your phone “hijack” your first thoughts and feelings of the day. To set boundaries, try taking a few deep breaths, drinking some water or stretching first.

3. Eating Sugar Too Soon: Along with ultra-processed breakfast foods, sugar can promote a hormonal shift, causing a roller coaster ride of hunger, moodiness and an eventual sugar crash.
If you can’t cut out sugar completely, Parrella recommends adding some sort of movement to your routine, such as yoga, right after eating sugar.

4. Not Washing Your Face: While sleeping, your face can accumulate dead skin cells from your pillow and dust circulating in the air. Dermatologist Stacy Chimento recommends washing your face with only lukewarm water in the morning.

5. Overlooking Your Mental Health: With all the rushing around that happens in the morning, it’s easy to forgetto stop and take time for yourself. Sonpal recommends finding a few minutes to stretch, meditate or think positively, as it will help you “start the day right.”

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