Neve Campbell and David Arquette Want a Killer Kid in “Scream”?

  • 2 years ago
Scream is back! And with a new movie comes a new killer, of course. Sit back as we take off the iconic Ghostface mask to get to know the stars behind our favorite slasher film. Caitlynn McDaniel got the chance to speak with Neve Campbell and David Arquette about the new movie and David shares past director Wes Craven’s take on violence, “I read Wes Craven's book. It told me a lot about his process and why he does certain things. And he uses violence in a way to scare people. Violence is horrible. These are the bad guys, you know? So he's trying to make a point in the fact that it's in a film that it's not real violence, he's trying to make a message to show you how scary true violence is.”