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What Are The Best and Worst Ways to Deal With Anger

Anger can be a tricky emotion to process.
How we deal with anger can often lead to real-time or long-term social and health consequences.
Here are three of the best and worst ways that people commonly deal with anger.

The Worst Ways:
1, Venting.
Venting to friends is often counter-productive because it perpetuates volatile feelings which can prevent a solution.
2, Getting Physical.
"Research has shown pretty conclusively that hitting a punching bag increases the likelihood that you will aggress against real people, including innocent bystanders." Brad Bushman, Communications Professor Ohio State University, via CNN.
3, Supressing.
"Simply ignoring anger long-term is a surefire way to increase its intensity in the long-run." David H. Rosmarin, Assistant Professor Harvard Medical School, via CNN.

The Best Ways:
1, Taking Deep Breaths.
Taking deeps breaths while counting to ten does wonders for lowering physiological arousal when a person is angered.
2, Problem Solving.
Rather than engaging in a fight or flight response, the same energy can be channeled into working towards a solution to what caused the anger.
3, Positive Thinking.
Putting yourself in a positive state kicks out the anger. A good way to achieve this is by doing something kind for others.

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