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DM Dark Matter film End Credits


DM: This is Dark Matter; the documentary feature film is being released this month in 10 chapters plus the opening and end credits.

Dark matter shapes up over 80% of the universe and is pure energy. This is the part of the universe that can't be seen, and it appears all black and cannot be scanned with conventional instruments. Dark matter is anti-matter, the opposite of what humans can see on Earth and comprehend as being normal and defies the laws of quantum physics.

The story about "dark matter" draws an analogy with other earthling creatures, the oldest ones like trees and jellyfishes (some species can live for thousands of years) both have been alleged to have a memory and some species of jellyfishes have a high level of intelligence. Jellyfishes can become invisible and undetectable, just like dark matter and often the same instruments are needed to locate dark matter are used in the purpose of piercing through this invisibility.

Subject Matter
The subject of "dark matter" is an extreme one as it deals with all the extremes and defies conventional logic and rational behavior. To further demonstrate this point, the whole story is introduced by a mad British scientist or appears to be this way, arguing about dark matter by contrasting his defense in introducing the history of extremism in Britain, extremism of all kinds.

The story is set in a near future, during a serious of lectures where a scientist analyses the various lock downs imposed on Britain - rightly or wrongly imposed- its extreme consequences and a situation that defies logic and therefore is defined as "dark matter": a yet unknown quantity.

DM: Dark Matter TRIVIA
An analogy to what we don't understand: 1) Control 2) Death 3) Reproduction and Love making 4) Terrorism


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