Ibrahim Maalouf - Light a Candle in the Chapel (Official Music Video)
  • il y a 2 ans
From Ibrahim Maalouf's 15th studio album, "FIRST NOEL" out on November 5th.

Shot at Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre church (Paris)

Trumpet : Ibrahim Maalouf
Piano : Frank Woeste
Guitar : François Delporte
Choirs directed by Sofi Jeannin :
Anne-Laure Hulin
Elisabeth Gilbert
Marie-Cécile Hébert
Valentine Jacquet
Rebecca Moeller
Charlotte Bozzi
Thaïs Raï-Westphal
Clémence Vidal

Video direction : Nicolas Tussing
Lighting : Alexandre Cortès

Recorded by Oscar Ferran and Vincent Joinville
Mix : Martin Antiphon assisted by Léopold Joly-Vuillemin
Mastering : Pierre Luzy

Thanks to Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre church, Monseigneur Nadim Haddad,
Labiba Farah, Armand Amar & Studios Babel

Light a Candle in the Chapel
Original music written and composed by Ed G. Nelson, Harry Please & Robert Dunke Leonard