Dr Wayne Dyer - 5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep - Positive Affirmations - Wayne Dyer Meditation

  • 2 tahun yang lalu
Welcome to my channel ❤

This channel was created as a hub for new thought and metaphysical teachings and a way to keep alive the teachers of old who were some of the original teachers of the new thought movement. I have cleaned, remastered and preserved each of these old recordings in to updated and transformative works for the modern times we live in today, so that they may be enjoyed in the way that was intended.

Each video on this channel has been a true labour of love and unfortunately has also been the subject of countless individual incidents of theft from this channel as well as numerous impersonators using my name/like image, descriptions and reuploading all of my content on here and most other major platforms. This has led to the demonetization of my channel for the best part of three years, and due to the nature of my work, the labour intensity of creating my videos, more so 'the theft alone' means i can no longer upload this same content until this is remedied.

I hope you will enjoy the videos i have created thus far and receive some solace from this channel and the insights i have shared. I would also like to thank each and every one of you that have supported and encouraged my work for all of these years and to all of the new subscribers who appreciate what I have created here. I appreciate each and every one of you.