Millennials & the Travel Industry (Tera Capital Founder Ted Fang Q&A Interview) - Dated Year 2016

  • 2 years ago
Listen to what Tera Capital founder, Ted Fang in a Q&A interview, had to say about which Asian countries are on track to bounce back from COVID.

With the rise of Asian tourism and economies, investment firms are now eager to go public and invest in technology sectors due to ease of scalability.

Article dated year 2016.

Ted Fang is the founder and former director of Tera Capital, Tera Partners, Tera Realty (Tera Sotheby's). Ted Fang also co founded Frontier Group together with his two brothers where they bought the Days Inn Franchise for Greater China through Wyndham Worldwide.

During Ted Fang's tenure at the Tera companies, Ted Fang foresaw the huge potential in China's growing middle class market, most notably in the Chinese hospitality industry. Having spent over two decades in China, Ted Fang has become well acquainted with the Chinese hospitality market.

Ted Fang is an advisor to TCAC, an investment holding firm incorporated in Singapore.


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