3 months ago

Data Capital Podcast. Computer Says No: Algorithms and Recruitment Bias

The Scotsman
The Scotsman
Biased and unfair computer algorithms are dominating the recruitment industry and can even exclude the best candidates, according to a technology expert.

In the latest episode of The Scotsman's Data Capital podcast we speak with Dr Nakeema Stefflbauer, an American academic now working in the technology sector in Berlin who claims recruitment practices in Europe are way behind the United States.

Dr Stefflbauer, who is also an investor in tech companies and founder of a social enterprise designed to get more resident, immigrant and refugee women into the tech industry, believes modern recruitment tools are, generally, not delivering the best candidate for a job.

Dr Stefflbauer speaks on 29th September 2022 at Data for Diversity, a conference developed by The Scotsman and the Data-Driven Innovation initiative, part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. Read the agenda and book your free place here: https://www.scotsmandataconference.co.uk/