Juggler kicks and juggles seven balls simultaneously *Impressive*

  • 2 years ago
An astounding performance of juggling that is flawless in every way.

Tamuz Vardi, in this amazing video, kicks up seven balls, one by one, that are arranged in a row on the ground.

While kicking the balls, he catches them with his hands and bounces them all at once up into the air.

Additionally, he also manages to turn himself around while performing this juggling act without making any errors.

“7 balls juggling kickups,” said Tamuz Vardi. “Kicking up balls into juggling patterns, from 0 to 7, plus bonus tricks with 7.”

This interesting trick was performed on August 16, 2021.

Name: Tamuz Vardi
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

WooGlobe Ref : WGA439756
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