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Hollywood Always Hollywood: Busses to the studios

The Museum of Cinema
The Museum of Cinema
Los Angeles is the capital of American cinema. It is here that the masterpieces that marked the childhood of many came to life. After having given you information to help you plan your visit to Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios in Hollywood and Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, we want to dedicate an article to the most long-lived movie studios in Los Angeles: Paramount Pictures.

The snowy mountain surrounded by stars in Paramount Pictures’ logo introduced movies like The Ten Commandments, Roman Holiday, Saturday Night Fever, The Godfather, Indiana Jones, Forrest Gump, Braveheart, Mission: Impossible, and Titanic, to name but a few. For over 100 years, Paramount Pictures has produced some of the most famous films in history, as well as TV series that have become famous, such as Star Trek, Happy Days, Monk, and more recently, NCIS: Los Angeles, Glee, Gracie & Frankie, MacGiver and This is Us. Let’s find out how to visit Paramount Pictures Studios and what do you see on studio tour.

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Paramount Studios: Location and Directions
The History of Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures Tour: Schedule and Tickets
What do you see on Studio Tour?
VIP Tour
Paramount Studios or Universal Studios? A Comparison
Where to Stay in the Area
Paramount Studios: Location and Directions

The entrance to Paramount Pictures is at 5515 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, on the corner of Melrose Avenue and Plymouth Boulevard.

The most convenient way to reach Paramount Pictures’ movie studios is by car. Parking costs $15 per day, however, those who purchase the VIP Tour will simply need to show their ticket or email proof of purchase, since parking is included in the price of the ticket.
Coming from 101 Freeway, take the exit for Melrose Avenue heading west and enter Windsor Lot A, on the left at the corner of Melrose Avenue and Windsor Boulevard.
Coming from 10 Freeway, take the exit for La Brea Avenue heading north, turn right on Melrose Avenue and enter Windsor Lot A on the right at the corner of Melrose Avenue and Windsor Boulevard.
Those who plan to take public transportation to get around Los Angeles must use either Bus 10 (from Downtown) or Bus 704 (from Santa Monica) or, alternatively, the DASH bus.

The History of Paramount Pictures

paramount studios tour hours

Paramount Pictures was founded in 1912 by producer Adolph Zukor, who, in the following years, merged his business with three other companies and immediately began to propose himself as a major film distributor. The logo of the film studios was created around the time of the merger by the entrepreneur W.W. Hodkinson. The mountain was inspired by a childhood memory in Utah, while the stars represented the first 22 stars who were under contract with the film company at that time. Back then actors could not work with multiple film companies and were ‘bought’ and ‘sold’ a bit like today’s professional athletes.