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Glasgow School of Art MFA Interim Show 2022

The Scotsman
The Scotsman
MFA Interim Show 2022
28 international artists present new work in Florence Street School

Students on the first year of the prestigious Master of Fine programme at The Glasgow School of Art have unveiled new work in Interim MFA Show 2022 in the impressive setting of the former Florence Street School. The show, which runs from 23 – 28 April, features work by 28 artists from across the globe.

Working in media including sculpture, painting and video the artists interrogate political, historical and social subjects including the early years of AIDS, the history of the Republic of China, the 2019 Lebanese revolution, female trafficking and the longing for home.

Naughty Noo-Noo, Ali Farrelly allows three hoover hoses, extracted from inadequate machines, to harness that same electricity that we rely on them to service us, to simply meander and mosey, wherever they want and as clumsily as they please. Just for the heck of it.

Joshua Breen-Tucci presents cycles per second - an experimental composition generated in real time by four electro-mechanical instruments. in it, rhythm is structured as a hyper-deceleration of pitch, allowing a harmonic stability formed of familiar note relationships to collapse as they drift apart in time.
After the martial law in R.O.C was lifted for 35 years, authoritarian symbols such as the statues of Chiang Kai-Shek and the former president of Chiang Ching-Kuo are still all over Taiwan, but are being removed by The Transitional Justice Commission. Tapei-born artist Chih-Kang Hsu interrogates the the "de-Chiang" atmosphere of contemporary society, with the statues abandoned in the city like ghosts.

Christian Bronstein’s work is based on a mix of archival research from the Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA) in London and interviews of HIV-positive men who have lived through the AIDS epidemic. In GLORY DAYS, he reflects on the tension between an immutable sexual desire and the knowledge of a lethal virus that was ripping through and obliterating a whole generation of my community.

Whilst researching the historic industry of shipbuilding in and around Partick artist Hayden Judd has been frustrated by the difficulty in discovering the historical context in amongst the large-scale redevelopment and transient population now living in the area.

Lebanese artist and architect, Monya Riachi moved to the UK in 2013. Her work responds to the social-political events occurring in her home country. In The Revolution is Open / It Felt like Love she features newspapers from October 2019, the beginning of the Lebanese Revolution.

South Korean artist, Nanjoo Lee presents a ‘portrait’ of her mother Miae which is the outcome of a journey to acceptance of their differences and loving her.

Indian artist, Ritu Arya, found ‘Lost Home’ as one of the by-products, when a significant chapter her my life came to a sudden end. Hand sculpted with clay, it’s a story of silent rumination and longing for home.

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