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Firefox in Motion

OZprod films
il y a 11 ans|77.3K vues
Film de la communauté spreadfirefox pour le navigateur Internet Mozilla Firefox, a "100% Organic Software

Le film illustre l'idée que Firefox est la somme du travail de chacun à construire un web meilleur pour tous.

Découvrir Firefox : www.getfirefox.com

Community effort based on the "100% organic software" tagline.
Mozilla Firefox is the sum of people using it and working to make a better Internet for everyone.

The video is free to redistribute under the Creative Commons licence BY-NC-SA.
Theora HD files will be released to the community via BiTorrent.
Check: www.spreadfirefox.com/firefoxinmotion

Theora is a free/open-source codec. Ogg/Theora videos can be played inside Firefox 3.1 without installing the flash plugin or any codecs.
Latest Firefox 3.5 preview release: