How To Buy & Sell Bitcoin by FInTecStudio | What is Bitcoin | Crypto Currency Bitcoin #FInTecStudio
  • 2 years ago
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How To Buy & Sell Bitcoin by FInTecStudio | What is Bitcoin | Crypto Currency Bitcoin #FInTecStudio
Step 1. The best place to buy Bitcoin. I’ll start it off with my two favorite brokerages that I invest with, which is Gemini and Coinbase - I have accounts with both - you really can’t go wrong with either one but the signup process is almost identical with each. Safety, simplicity, and value are my priorities. I want my coins to be safe and I want to invest in a trust worthy source, and I want an interface that looks simple.

All brokerages require KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws to be followed. This means no matter where you invest your money, companies will ask you for your personal credentials like your social security, your phone number, your address, just like any other legitimate brokerage you would use - that is standard.

Step 2. Make your accounts secure by downloading an app called Authy from the app store. This will help with 2 factor authentication in making sure your bitcoins are safe and secure. You can also add a secondary layer of security by adding a biometric key if you have a laptop that allows for it.

Step 3. Once you've secured your account, you have to fund it. Avoid funding or buying Bitcoin with debit and credit cards. They charge a 3.49% interest which is half of what the stock market returns in a year - don't do it. Instead, connect your bank accounts and use either ACH Transfers or Wires. ACH transfers have smaller limits ($15,000 daily).

Step 4. Buying bitcoin. Once you fund your account, you can invest either once, daily, weekly, etc, if you want to average into it over time. Personally, I buy it all at once but averaging in can be a great idea. Once you bought some and you've invested your money, HODL for dear life!

Step 5. Once the Bitcoin settles into your account, which can take some time depending on how you funded your account, you have two main options. A cold wallet, or a hot wallet. The hot wallet is keeping your Bitcoin online, the benefit is that you have nearly instant liquidity, meaning instant access to either buy more, trade more, sell it, or put your money to work and make interest off of it. The downside is you’re taking on a risk and trusting that the exchange or the website you keep your coins on is secure enough to not lose your money.

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